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Wedding Reservation Information

1. The church is open only from the first Sunday of June through September

2. The information and regulations on this sheet must be signed and returned with your payment before your wedding will be put on the calendar.

3. The cost to the church for its usage is two-part. The initial payment is 500.00; 300.00 is for the church and its maintenance; the additional 200.00 is a security deposit. The 200.00 will be returned to you upon complete adherence to the rules and regulations outlined here. 400.00 will be returned to you if the wedding is cancelled at any time. Checks made payable to: The Welsh Church

4. It is imperative that the organ, pulpit, piano and sound system not be moved for any reason. It is preferred that nothing be moved.

5. A set of keys will be made available. You are responsible for locking the church after the rehearsal or for any other reasons you require access prior to the wedding day. You are responsible for making arrangements for the return of the keys within 24 hours.

6. The church would need to be cleaned prior to and after the wedding. The clean-up would need to be done no later than noon the following day. The church is cleaned in May and is generally in good condition. There are no custodial services after May. Please refrain from throwing confetti; rice and birdseed are preferred.

7. The pump organ may be used only under the supervision of several church organists. Their names will be made available if you desire. Arrangements for the minister and organ/piano player must be made by you.

8. No decorations are to be taped or tacked to the walls. No groups of candles are allowed. The windows are antique and fragile and are to be opened only by a church member. If it is warm, we will have the windows opened.

9. The basement is available for pre-wedding details. Please remember that there is no on-site running water. There is an outhouse.

10. There is no smoking inside the church. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are allowed on church grounds. Remember…this is a house of God.

11. All details and questions concerning the use of the church will be under the direction of:
                Cheryl Davies – (315) 655-2667
                P.O. Box 584
                Cazenovia, NY  13035     
(she is only several minutes from the church)

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