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Rules and Regulations

                    LOT ORNAMENTATION

1. No enclosure or wall terraces will be erected

2. Lot owners will not be permitted to alter the established grade of the lot.

3. The Board reserves the right to lay out and alter such drives, walks and reservations as they deem necessary to secure and promote the general objectives of the Cemetery.

4. Planting of trees and shrubs by the owners of the lots may be allowed providing that the trees or shrubs to be planted, and their locations are approved by the Board. Any plantings that exceed 4' or more in height may be trimmed and/or removed at the discretion of the Board.

5. Any trees, shrubs, plants or flowers standing on any lot shall, by means of roots, branches, or otherwise become detrimental to adjacent lots, drives or walks, or for any other reason that its removal shall be deemed necessary, the Board shall have the right to remove some or part thereof as the Board's judgment may seem best.

6. No improvements on the lots shall be done before consulting the Board. Cemetery employees will do all ordinary work in the care of lots such as mowing and trimming.

7. Flower pots, urns, vases, etc. shall be placed next to the monument or grace marker. The Board reserves the right to remove any planting made in violation of this rule. No glass containers allowed.

8. All persons are strictly forbidden to pick up or cut flowers, shrubs, etc. in any part of the cemetery without permission from the Board.

9. As soon as flowers, wreaths, emblems, flags, etc. used in funerals or placed become unsightly or are faded will be removed and no responsibility for their protection or maintenance will be assumed by the Board.

10. All flowers, pots, urns, vases and other and/or other decorations left in place on lots after October 1st, will be removed and no responsibility for their safe return will be assumed.

                        AND FOUNDATIONS 

1. No above ground vault or crypt is permitted.

2. Any and all stone or markers places on a grave will be placed only under the direction of the Cemetery Board. All stones are to be set in accordance with previously set stones in the vicinity.

3. All grave markers and corner markers will be flush with the grade.

4. All gravestones and markers of a single stone, not to be set in a socket or on a dowel.

5. All trucks and setting equipment must stay on driveways and paths for erection monuments. Planking must be necessary when crossing graves and only then at the approval of the Board.


1. No burials will be allowed between November 1st and May 1st except with permission of the Cemetery Board. No monuments may be erected during the same months. Winter vault interments must be done by June 1st of the following year.

2. No interments including cremation ashes to be held at cemetery without notification and approval of the Board.

3. A concrete vault with one-piece cover is required.

4. All requests for interments must be made two days prior to the day of burial.

                  OWNERSHIP OF LOTS

1. Lot purchases must be paid for in full before any burial or activity to take place at said lot.

2. Deeds will be issued only when the lots(s) are paid for in full. Each lot and grave is sold with perpetual care.

3. The cemetery will be open every day from sunrise to sunset from May 1st to November 1st or with approval of the Board.

4. Bicycles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, snowmobiles, skateboards, horses and other animals are forbidden from the cemetery.

5. Purchasers of lots or plots are entitled to the perpetual use of the same lot/plot for the sole purpose of interment. It is agreed upon by purchasers that in the case of any dispute as to the right of ownership or to the regard of these rules, the decision of the Cemetery Board must be taken as final.

6. Under the order of these regulations if the owner of a lot dies, making no disposition of his or her lot by will, the lot descends to his or her “heir in law” that is, to the same persons who, by the laws of the State, would inherit any residue of his/her estate.

7. Sale of lots or plots by owners is prohibited.

8. The Board is authorized to purchase lots, plots or graves spaces from proven rightful owners. The purchase price to be at the prevailing price when the lot was originally sold.

9. Interpretation and enforcement of these rules are subject to change or amendment by the Board of Directors at anytime.

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